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Bhopal Mahanagar Co-operative Bank

Co-operative bank looking to enhance lending experience through AI and automation

Bhopal Mahanagar Co-operative Bank was looking for a solution to fix its business challenges
Digitized identity verification
Credit decisioning

Loan origination speed

Operational efficiency

Data collection

Transformed Lending Solution

FinBraine transformed lending solutions for the bank through fully managed, advanced, cloud-based, intelligent credit scoring and digitized KYC mechanism. The intuitive borrower portal with separate workspaces for lender and borrower helped the bank easily modify the loan portfolio to maximize repayments of loans, meeting customer repayment needs and mitigate risk


End-to-end lending

  • Covers end-to-end functions – loan origination, underwriting, loan servicing, collection and reporting
  • Automated workflows
  • Fast and easy deployment of solution
  • Fully managed lending solution, which is automatically updated
  • Adheres to latest compliance requirements
  • Can be accessed anywhere, anytime, from any device
  • Multiple backups ensuring platform is always available for business

Platform configuration

  • Robust and flexible platform supporting wide variety of needs
  • Configuration is driven by experts
  • Highly trained staff to understand, communicate and manage the unique requirements of the bank
  • Timely deployments

AI-based Automation

  • Automation to speed the process, capture more loans and reduce operational costs
  • End-to-end automation including loan origination, credit review, funds transfer, payment processing, underwriting, collections, reporting
  • Choice to choose only what is needed

Intelligent Credit Scoring

  • The AI-based credit scoring to determine the creditworthiness of borrowers at scale and speed
  • Integration with third-party credit scoring to make well-informed credit decisions.
  • Ensures more loans are processed, without violating credit risk parameters
  • Leveraging deep neural networks for fine-tuning algorithms
  • Integrated with traditional credit bureaus

Analytics and Reporting

  • Customizable access to interactive dashboards with accurate information and smart tools to make critical decision
  • Comprehensive reports
  • Easy export of data to a range of formats

Digital Onboarding

  • Makes lending easy, cost effective and simple
  • Digitized identity verification
  • Liveness validation
  • Automated onboarding process ensures seamless customer transition from approvals to credit
  • Multi-channel communication options for borrowers

Cybersecurity and Fraud Prevention

  • Prevents disasters before they happen
  • GDPR complaint platform, certified for ISO 27001 and ISO 9001
  • Leverages architecture that conforms to guidelines issued by NIST and OWASP
  • Fraud prevention includes identity verification and additional protection techniques

Debt Collection

  • Includes a bad-debt trigger for early warnings
  • Automated system to red flag the account, calculate penalty, send payment reminder, adjust credit score, recalculate pricing, credit outstanding payments etc., all on auto-pilot
  • Fully automated platform compatible with large-scale organizations

Benefits we offered

We take pride in providing cutting edge customer experience to both borrowers and lenders, starting from identity verification to intelligent credit scoring and approvals

Digital lending for community banks that reduces burnout

Secure seamless integration of borrower portal with lending solution

Speed up credit decisioning

Payments, loans and communication handled in a single interface

Editable loan application

Streamlined end-to-end lending

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