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Unified lending Microfinance Solution

Simple, intelligent microfinance solution to streamline processes

Are you stressing out with these challenges?

We understand your pain points associated with microfinancing
High credit risks

Human errors

Time consuming funding

Data collection

FinBraine helps you automate and digitize lending experience from onboarding to repayment

FinBraine’s Intelligent Lending solution can help you beat the challenges

Digital KYC for easy identity verification

Built-in product engine

AI-based credit scoring

Reports and statistics

Choose what you want to include in your

microfinance solution

End-to-end Lending

Loan origination

Loan Servicing

Intelligent Credit Scoring


Our digital Lending knowledge can help you reap benefits

Advanced compliance

Lower credit risks

Reduced operational costs

Streamlined end-to-end lending

Easy scaling of business

Fraud prevention mechanisms