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Digital credit solution for your lending

Providing instant credit decisioning

Our goal is to offer you hurdle-free lending experience

Does your credit union struggle with these challenges?
Credit risks
Data Protection and security
Regulatory compliance issues
Lost loans due to online lenders using alternate scoring
Frauds and thefts

Our unified lending solution for credit unions offers instant credit decisioning to provide unparalleled customer experience

AI-led Credit scoring

Intuitive online workflows

Intelligent built-in comprehensive reporting system

Our digital, AI-based lending solution comes with fully functional intuitive portal that helps in digital KYC and intelligent scoring for a smooth onboarding experience.

Choose what you want us to help your credit union with

AI-based Automation

Intelligent Credit Scoring

Analytics and Reporting

Cybersecurity and Fraud Prevention

We leverage technology that your credit union can trust

POS Card payment automation helps businesses by eliminating human error, improving time to funding and enhancing operational efficiency. This can be seen through below attributes.

Digitized risk assessment and instant credit scoring

Secure seamless integration with advanced compliance

Lower credit risks

Reduce operational costs

Easy scaling of business

Fraud prevention through digitized mechanisms