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Smart Microfinance Solution

Simple, intelligent microlending solution to streamline processes

Business Challenges

FinBraine understands your struggle with lending process and helps to tackle it effectively
High credit risks

Human errors

Time consuming funding

Data collection

To meet these challenges, there is a need for a fast, streamlined lending process to enhance overall productivity

Our Smart Credit Scoring solution can help you beat the challenges

Credit Modelling through non-traditional, intuitive parameters using big data analytics

Machine learning enabled algorithms to minimize your credit risk

Loan Processing times reduced by 90% through 100% digitised and automated loan workflow

Choose what you want to include in your

microfinance solution

End-to-end Lending

Loan origination

Loan Servicing

Intelligent Credit Scoring

Automatic Data Collection

Benefits we offer

Secure seamless integration with advanced compliance

Lower credit risks

Reduced operational costs

Streamlined end-to-end lending

Easy scaling of business