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Unified Payment Solution for Merchant Acquirers

Scaling payments for merchants with digital solution

Key Challenges faced by Merchant Acquirers

In a rapidly changing global payment landscape, digital payment is the largest growing industry but acceptance of payments is still seen as a challenge
Data Protection and Security
Merchant Management
Regulatory Compliance
Credit Risk Management
Smart and intelligent KYC and AI-based risk solution by FinBraine mitigates the risk posed to merchant acquirers

Our Unified payment solution can help you deal with the challenges

End-to-end automation

AI-powered scoring

Simple and seamless point of sale experience

Adherence to Compliance & Standards

Include what you are interested in, into your solution

Merchant Onboarding
Credit Card or Wallet KYC
Regulation and Compliance
Customer Management

Merchant Onboarding

FinBraine offers a complete end-to-end automated application to help acquirers onboard merchants in a more automated and digitized manner, removing challenges from the onboarding process using our digital KYC.

Credit Card or Wallet KYC

Customer KYC information is needed upon new registration with the business for verification purposes. FinBraine’s white-labelled application is compatible with mobile as well as desktop.

Regulation and Compliance

Customer management

Why FinBraine

POS Card payment automation helps businesses by eliminating human error, improving time to funding and enhancing operational efficiency. This can be seen through.

Reduced operational cost

Increased customer lifetime value

End-to-End automation