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Deployment as a Service

Hosting FinBraine Lending solution wherever you want, the way you want

FinBraine’s integrated solution for managing the lending process can be easily deployed on-premise or the cloud as we support all standard deployment models. Whether you want to host it on your existing self-managed, on-premise infrastructure or the cloud – private or public, we have got you covered

On-premise deployment

While the adoption of the cloud is slowly increasing within the lending business, the concern of data moving out of control is still seen as a challenge by lenders. That’s the main reason they are not yet comfortable with the technology, and hence chose on-premise deployment over cloud

Cloud deployment

A new-age solution build on cloud can assure businesses they stay ahead of the curve. Cloud not just provides a holistic view of customer relations to ensure a better customer experience, but also minimizes overall cost and effort and increased operational efficiency. There are different ways to deploy cloud services – on a public cloud or private, but what works the best for your business is something you need to decide based on various attributes – budget, security, business needs, data load, existing and supporting infrastructure

Public cloud deployment model

Private cloud deployment model

Public cloud deployment model