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Digitized Credit Card and Overdraft Solution

AI-driven, automated lending solution

FinBraine transforms lending solutions for credit cards and overdraft systems through fully managed, advanced, cloud-based, intelligent credit scoring and digitized KYC mechanism. Our automated solution can help you to capture a bigger market share with flexible credit products. Our lending solution can modify your loan portfolio to maximize repayments of loans, meet your customer repayment needs and mitigate risks.

We know the need of the hour for Credit Card and Overdraft Systems

We know you face several challenges with conventional lending solutions

Does your lending solution suffer from below challenges?
Manual verification
Hours wasted due to manual verification process, legacy and human mistakes
Loans lost
Loans lost due to conventional scoring technique
Lean resources
Due to short staffing, lack of capital and no automated processes

We can customize and personalize the solution as per your needs

Our smart solution Credit Card and Overdraft System

To be able to provide loopholes in core banking as well as overdraft system and to help you with optimal scoring model, we provide intelligent lending solution. Our intuitive portal offers separate workplaces with end-to-end solution, starting from identity verification to intelligent credit scoring and approvals.

Secure seamless integration of borrower portal with lending solution

Automated fraud protection for new and existing customer accounts

Flexible overdraft limits program notifying account holders about overdrafts

Streamlined end-to-end lending