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End-to-end Factoring Solution

Streamlining factoring through automation

Offering solutions tailored to your specific needs

Factoring companies face various challenges with the conventional lending process. We can help deal with these

Combining functionality with scalability

Reducing risk through intelligent credit decisioning

Eliminating human error, for operational efficiency

Powering data collection

Keeping your data secure and reducing risk through instant credit decisioning and intelligent KYC is something FinBraine takes pride for

FinBraine’s end-to-end Lending solution for factoring companies consists of features that make it perfect for your business needs

Well-designed interface equipped with the required functionality to meet the borrower’s needs, offering intelligent KYC for safe borrower onboarding process
Our automated end-to-end solution handles loan management which includes application processing, risk management, borrower evaluation, funds disbursal and reporting.
Artificial intelligence powered algorithms analyze traditional as well as alternative data sources and apply the intelligent approaches to provide the most accurate credit decisioning.
Fully automated data collection with advanced data analytics capabilities
Intelligent analytics and reporting to simplify regulatory compliances

Choose what you want to include in your lending solution

Credit Scoring

Fraud prevention consulting

End-to-end lending


What FinBraine can do for your factory org

Reduced buyer risk

Reduced supplier risk

Increased customer lifetime value

Reduced operational costs

sales and marketing

Increased credit decisioning speed