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AI-powered Loan
Origination Solution for businesses

Unmatched customer experience through
AI-powered automated credit decisioning

Business Challenges

Traditional Customer acquisition and Loan origination can be time-consuming and impacting the revenues of businesses

Credit analysis

Credit presentation and decisioning

Risk management

Borrower experience


Data collection

There is an increased need for streamlined loan origination that offers unparalleled experience to both lenders and borrowers

Our Loan origination solution offers straight through digital loan origination process

Credit scoring through non-traditional, intuitive, AI based algorithms

Customizable interface offering credit options to customers

Comprehensive risk assessment and payment collection tools

AI powered built-in comprehensive reporting system

Choose what you want included in your lending solution

Digital Customer Onboarding

Streamlined AML and KYC

Loan application processing

AI based credit scoring and decisioning

Benefits we offer

Automated credit bureau checking

Fully automatic ID verification

Digitized risk assessment and scoring

Flexible credit and payment through platform

Built-in fraud detection rules