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Unified Student Loan Solution

Automating every step of lending process for students

We understand what student loan providers are struggling with today

We can help you deal with your pain points
Legacy platforms
Disjoined onboarding
Paper based, manual workflows

Credit decisioning

Data collection

FinBraine provides intelligent lending automation solution that enables both students and lenders to work on better terms

Why our Lending solution is perfect for Student Loans

AI-powered, automatic grant process

No human errors

Instant credit decisioning

Use of latest technology at each step

Customize and personalize your lending solution with us

End-to-end lending for Students

Borrower Portal

Debt Management

Intelligent Credit Scoring

Our automated loan management solution offers several benefits to student programs

Accurate psychometric scoring in few seconds

Automated grant management, cutting down operational and lending costs

Streamlined end-to-end process

Customization and implementation