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Powerful Digital KYC solution for Customer Onboarding

Ensuring smooth and easy customer onboarding

Fixing your Challenges is our Mission

Does your credit union/bank deal with these pain points?
Disjointed legacy platform for customer onboarding
Frustrating workflows
Manual processes and errors
Lost loans

Fraud prevention

Our smart Customer Onboarding solution offers unparalleled customer experience with its digitized KYC process to your bank/credit union

Credit scoring through non-traditional, intuitive, AI based algorithms

Intuitive online workflows

Bring borrowers on board faster with automated processes

AI powered built-in comprehensive reporting system

Our customer onboarding solution comes with fully functional borrower portal that helps in digital KYC and intelligent scoring for a smooth onboarding experience.

FinBraine’s digital KYC solution - IDBRAINE

Helps banks/credit unions with digital KYC for customer registration and onboarding. It gathers the details of the individual together with digital copies of his or her valid government identity proofs and warehouses the information in a central database.

Step 1: Intelligent extraction of data

Step 2: Confirmation of extracted data

Step 3: Instant verification

Step 4: Deep Neural Liveness Check

Step 5: Digital, Reliable and trustworthy onboarding

Trusted technology that your bank/credit union can trust

Secure cloud platform that can be easily accessed

Fully automatic ID verification

Digitized risk assessment and scoring

Award-winning latest technology

Makes you pay only for the service you use