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Smarter Insurance Solutions

Making identity verification for KYC and AML compliance work better and smarter

What insurance providers need in their solutions?

Seamless user experience

Regulatory obligations

Risk-based approach to KYC

Lowered operational cost

Easy & Scalable

Our smart Insurance solution offers seamless customer experience with its digitized KYC

  • Handling Identity Verification requirements for AML and KYC compliance

    Our digital KYC solution – IDBraine will not let you compromise on user experience to meet identity verification requirements for AML and KYC regulations.

    • Easy-to-use portal: With the help of a super simple portal that offers perfect balance between user-centric design and smoothness of functionality, we enable your customers to verify their identity
    • Real-time document verification: IDBraine gives real-time feedback to users ensuring they submit only high-quality pictures for document verification
    • Auto-filing of data: IDBraine leverages OCR technology to automatically extract data from identity documents and prefill the required forms
  • Ensuring a risk-based approach for KYC verification

    To meet the identity verification requirements for KYC and AML compliance, insurance companies need a risk-based solution that can address these regulations

    • Tailored configurations of verification platform: Customized configurations ensure right balance of security and convenience to match the level of risk businesses can take
    • Use traditional data sources: One can either supplement traditional data or replace them with biometric data
  • Scaling up faster than ever

    Staying compliant can greatly reduce operational costs

    • Smart streamlining of processes: FinBraine’s solution can help businesses to scale cost-effectively by perfectly combining AI with human expertise
    • Detailed report generation: We perform checks for businesses to provide detailed report that flags anything that needs to be attended urgently.

FinBraine’s solution helps insurance companies to establish the framework for a risk-based compliance strategy. It helps in finding gaps and risk exposure and prevents frauds through intelligent identity verification process and AI-based scoring that provides credit worthiness of the candidate

Our Solution Highlights

Fully automatic ID verification

Digitized risk assessment and scoring

Ease of use for identification verification

Award-winning latest technology

Regulatory Compliance