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Digitized Loan Collection Solution

Accurately and quickly taking action on loan collections

Business Challenges

We understand your pain points associated with loan collection process
Debtor identification
Managing debtor account

Risk management

Recovery of arrears

Managing Mobile Borrowers

Data collection

With FinBraine, effectively and quickly at last of the statement

Our Loan Collection solution can help you beat the collection challenges through smart data, process and technology

FinBraine’s automated loan collection solution tracks and follow-ups with debtors, predicts and prioritizes debt recovery. It also enables faster collections. The platform removes the dependencies on third party tools for repayment and also sends repayment reminders and offers payment terms to borrowers

Digitized strategies for all collection phases

Instant access to Borrower history

Classification of debt according to delinquency buckets

AI powered built-in comprehensive reporting system

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Data Collection

Streamlined Process Workflow

Smart technology

Benefits we offer

Secure and seamless integration with advanced compliance

Automatic collection activities

Intelligent segmentation and higher customer coverage

Metrics tracking to analyze the process and progress

Quality monitoring of all interactions