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Nagrik Saharika Bank

Nagrik Saharika Bank was looking to digitize its customer identification and credit worthiness to prevent frauds

FinBraine understand the challenges associated with the conventional lending process

Legacy platforms
Disjoined onboarding
Paper based, manual workflows
Fraud and cyber thefts

Data collection

Why FinBraine’s Lending solution is perfect for banks like you

AI-powered, automatic grant process

No human errors

Fraud and theft prevention

Use of latest technology at each step

Our next-gen solution is tailored to the needs of our lending process

  • Handling Identity Verification requirements for AML and KYC compliance

    Our digital KYC solution – IDBraine will not let you compromise on user experience to meet identity verification requirements for AML and KYC regulations.

    • Easy-to-use portal: With the help of a super simple portal that offers perfect balance between user-centric design and smoothness of functionality, we enable your customers to verify their identity
    • Real-time document verification: IDBraine gives real-time feedback to users ensuring they submit only high-quality pictures for document verification.
    • Auto-filing of data: IDBraine leverages OCR technology to automatically extract data from identity documents and prefill the required forms.
  • Ensuring a risk-based approach for KYC verification

    To meet the identity verification requirements for KYC and AML compliance, insurance companies need a risk-based solution that can address these regulations.

    • Tailored configurations of verification platform: Customized configurations ensure right balance of security and convenience to match the level of risk businesses can take
    • Use traditional data sources: One can either supplement traditional data or replace them with biometric data
  • Scaling up faster than ever

    Staying compliant can greatly reduce operational costs

    • Smart streamlining of processes: FinBraine’s solution can help businesses to scale cost-effectively by perfectly combining AI with human expertise
    • Detailed report generation: We perform checks for businesses to provide detailed report that flags anything that needs to be attended urgently.

How we do it?

Step 1
Intelligent extraction of data
The app provides the customer an option to take a picture of an identity document by leveraging AI-powered OCR technology that works even with low-quality images. It enhances the captured photo, normalizes the ID, detects the ID image for Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance and automatically pre-fills the extracted personal data into the predefined fields.
Step 2
Confirmation of extracted data
Once the data is pre-filled using the OCR technology, the app prompts the customer to verify all the filled in details to avoid any issue at a later point in time.
Step 3
Instant verification
The user takes a selfie and goes through the liveness verification check to verify their identity using facial recognition technology.
Step 4
Deep Neural Liveness Check
  • Next, the app performs the liveness check through:

  • Passive Liveness Check – Built upon deep neural networks, it can distinguish a real face from an image even without user interaction.

  • Active Liveness Check – Prompting a user to follow a randomly moving dot on screen, the algorithm monitors pupil movement to check if it has been done correctly.
Step 5
Digital, Reliable and trustworthy onboarding
AI-based identity verification using data collected during onboarding. Once the onboarding is complete, the account is opened for the customer, which he can access using login.

Benefits the bank achieved

Accurate credit decisioning in few seconds

Automated loan management, cutting down operational and lending costs

Streamlined end-to-end process

Platform customization as per the needs

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